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Dusty Cooper is a missionary kid from the West Indies. His father, Jim Cooper, was a pioneer missionary in the Caribbean from 1960-1973, planting churches in the Turks and Caicos Islands and then in the Bahamas. While still in college, traveling from Florida to the Bahamas on a missionary aviation flight, Dusty met Corinne, then in high school, on her way to the islands to sing in one of the churches in Nassau. Corinne was one-half of The Erickson Sisters, travelling and singing across the U.S. for many years. Less than two years after meeting, they married and just celebrated 52 years of marriage. After serving in Brazil as resident missionaries, they returned to the central Florida area, working for over 20 years in student ministry there before starting IsleGO Missions in 1992. The Coopers have four children, eight grandchildren, and  two great-grandsons. 



Jim is a late life Christian. He was raised in Memphis, Tennessee, but moved to North Mississippi 40 years ago.  Married for 42 years to Betty Kimberlin May, they both serve with IsleGo Missions in a variety of roles.

In 1996, Jim was called on staff at Colonial Hills Church where he served as Small Groups Pastor and Missions Pastor. In 2001, Jim led a small team to Jamaica where he met the Coopers. The introduction to IsleGo Missions was a life-changing event for Jim, challenging the way he did missions, and started a long relationship with Dusty and Corinne. Now on the IsleGO Missions Board of Directors, Jim still serves as Board President.


While serving in Jamaica with IsleGO in 2008, God opened a ministry there of building homes for those who were homeless and helpless. The Little Blue House Project was born over a period of years from the humble start of repairing a single home for an elderly lady.


Jim retired from church staff on January 1, 2016, when he joined the IsleGO Staff as a Field Representative, establishing Hope Centers and encouraging churches to be involved with the many ministries of IsleGo Missions.

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