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2022 Teams

•First Baptist Church, Richmond Hill, GA - October 30-November 5

2023 Teams

•First Baptist Church, Richmond Hill, GA - March 18-25

•First Baptist Church, Richmond Hill, GA - November 4-11


2022 Teams

•Palm Beach Atlantic University, W. Palm Beach, FL, March 5-12

•IsleGO Open Team (open to anyone), October 22-29

2023 Teams

•Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO, March 19-24

•Palm Beach Atlantic University, W. Palm Beach, FL March 19-24

Costa Rica

2022 Teams

•Oklahoma Christian Schools, Edmund, OK, January 1-8

2023 Teams

•IsleGO Open Team (open to anyone),  July 8-15


2022 Teams

*Oklahoma Christian, Edmond, OK - January 2-8

•Northpoint Christian School, Southaven, MS, March 6-13

•St. Francis High School, Toledo, OH, March 31 - April 7

•Swift Family Team, Florida, May 21 - 28

•Colonial Hills Church, Southaven, MS, June 4-11

•Oviedo City Church, Oviedo, FL, June 11-18

•St. Joseph's Church, Ada, MN, July 2-9

•Hernando Baptist Church, Southaven, MS, July 9-16

•Northpoint Christian School, Southaven, MS, November 12-19

2023 Teams

•Oklahoma Christian, Edmond, OK - December 31, 2022 - January 6, 2023

•Georgia College State University, Milledgeville, GA - March 11-17

•Northpoint Christian School, Southaven, MS - March 11-18

•Lumen Christi High School, Jackson, MI, March 22-29

•St. Francis de Sales High School, Toledo, OH - March 30 - April 6

•Open Team (open to anyone), April 22-29

•Hernando Baptist Church, Southaven, MS - July 8-15


2022 Teams

•Lifepoint Church/Oviedo City Church/Open Team, September 4-10

2023 Teams

•Open Team (open to anyone), February 4-11

Turks & Caicos Islands 

2022 Teams 

The doors are now open for teams to TCI! Contact us now to get your team on the schedule.


2022 Teams

Closed to teams at this time...please pray for Haiti and the current chaos there! 


Brazil 2022


Jamaica 2022