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This is what HOPE looks like...

Since the hurricanes of 2008 passed over Jamaica, we have been building little blue houses for the homeless and needy. Over 180 have now been built in Steer Town, the Compound, Windsor Heights, and Edge Hill. The first Little Blue House will soon be be built in Haiti as well. 


A single-room 10'X14' house can be built in 3-4 days and is built in such a way that it can be disassembled and relocated if needed. This house provides shelter from the elements, security for the children, and HOPE for the entire family. 

To date these have all been built by IsleGO Missions short-term teams that have raised the extra funds to do so. The cost is $3,200. USD and includes groceries, a bed, sheets, and a Bible. These are built at no cost for the recipient; men who desire a home are required to help us build six houses (sweat equity) in order to gain their own. The need for such homes is extreme as we have had a waiting list of over 200 homes needed for some time now. 

At the start of 2018 we are adding Little Blue Bathrooms to our projects! These are small bathrooms built adjacent to their home for elderly, physically-challenged, or chronically ill. The cost for a team to build a Little Blue Bathroom is $750. USD. The need for a bathroom like this is greatly needed by so many in the communities we serve.


  • recruit a team of 12 or more people together, raise the funds, and come build it​

  • donate toward the construction of a house or bathroom on our DONATIONS page 

  • buy a t-shirt or hat below (or a dozen for your friends!). $22 mailed to you (XX, XXX are $2 more)

  • pray like crazy for everyone to do one or more of the above!

*Sizes run a tad small so order your next size up

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