SANDY FOOTPRINTS - Fall 2019 Newsletter


In a recent post, Pastor João Wilson (Missions Pastor, Brazil), told about how, in 1964 when he was 6 years old in one of the smallest communities along the Amazon river, Servalho, an plane on floats landed in the river. Some missionaries exited the plane, came into the community, and he heard the good news of Jesus for the first time. That boy became a man of God, missionary along the Rio Negro, and our friend for many years now. 

I wonder if any of those missionaries looked at him that day and thought "He's just a kid". I'm pretty sure none of those missionaries ever saw him as an adult leading others to Christ along that same river, never knew he became a pastor and missionary himself, never would believe the number of people João has drawn to the gospel.

Just as I am sure that there are those who go on missionary journeys now who look at children like those pictured above and think "Just a kid." May we never be so short-sighted that we forget all of us, from Billy Graham to João Wilson, started as just a kid, full of promise, created by God, wired to serve Him because someone saw more than just a kid in them.

Pastor João Wilson


*Praise God for an amazing 2018; pray for the one team left this year in December from Lansing, MI

*Praise God for 34 teams confirmed for 2019 with more still choosing dates; pray for our staff and teams

*Praise God for new house church sites in Cuba; pray for the leaders of these and many more to com

*Praise God for our very first IsleGO Missions fund-raiser gala in Orlando, February 16, 2019; pray for all the work being done to meet our goals

*Praise God for new partners in ministry; pray as we connect the Church across all borders


Solid Word Bible Church, Indianapolis serving the Church in Havana this month


*medical clinics, construction in Jamaica

*construction, childrens ministry in Costa Rica

*evangelism, construction in Turks & Caicos

*construction, childrens ministry in Haiti

*construction, youth ministry in the Bahamas