SANDY FOOTPRINTS - Summer 2020 Newsletter


While teams have not been able to travel on missionary journeys to our partners, the ministry of IsleGO Missions continued:

  • Little Blue Houses and Bathrooms have still been built in Jamaica

  • Feeding children and the elderly for their nutrition and health is still happening almost weekly

  • Rebuilding and food distribution continued in the Bahamas

  • Food distribution and flood relief in Costa Rica was made possible

  • Funds for food and supplies were sent to Habana

Through all this, God’s glory was seen and the work of over 35 years was affirmed! The Church here connected with the Church there was made so clearly evident in each of these efforts. Neither side of the equation could have accomplished all this without the precious relationship in place.


God alone could do this in such a time as we live in...KEEP PRAYING!


We recently had a call from Fenel Bruna, our partner extraordinaire in Jacmel, Haiti, and he asked for us to recruit and send teams for the House of Abraham! They have several projects needing assistance in completing and our teams certainly can fill that need.


The unrest has calmed in Haiti, as has the coronavirus, and we now have a way to fly from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel instead of the long bus ride through the mountains. The multipurpose building still needs to be finished as well as ongoing upkeep on existing buildings.

The financial support has also fallen off for food and payroll as well as the funding for the multipurpose building. Fenel asked us to also pray for the children as they return to school. Won't you pray with us about those needs?

We need Haiti teams for spring break and summer 2021 and many of you already have invested sweat equity, funds, and hugs on the HOA kids. It's time to go back, renew old relationships and make new ones! Email or call us if you are ready to GO where He sends you!


Fernando and Jessica Piñero, on staff with Radical Life Ministries in Jaco, Cost Rica, are no strangers to anyone that's been there! Pray for them, their 2 boys, their health, and their ministry to the community, with youth and worship in the church, and with our teams!


*medical clinics, kids clubs, construction in Jamaica

*construction, childrens ministry in Costa Rica

*evangelism, construction in Turks & Caicos

*construction, childrens ministry in Haiti

*construction, youth ministry in the Bahamas

*construction in the U.S.